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Introducing The Trade Token (TIO)

A utility crypto currency token that can be used for frictionless transactions on a wide range of assets via the exchange

Use the Trade Token to participate in the shared liquidity pool and purchase new assets and IPOs/ICOs on our exchange

Only crypto currency that will have real-world assets invested in it

Fair & transparent distribution of new issues based on price and demand

Why The Exchange Will Revolutionize The Trading Industry

Secure E-Wallet

The wallet will be a secure storage medium for fiat and cryptocurrency and other tokenized assets

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Indelible receipt on every transaction within client account to ensure complete transparency through the blockchain

Low Fees And No Deposit Fees

Blockchain technology will instantly reduce the costs for ALL participants in the trading process, and allow low cost of entry for companies listing on exchange

Multi-Asset Trading Platform

Revolutionary peer to peer proprietary trading platform to serve individuals & institutions alike

Liquidity Pool

Participants of our pool will get interest daily on any TIOs they plough into the pool.

Join The Early Bird Waiting List And Get Notified When We Launch